Our Story

Established in 2020

BRAVADA VODKA is brimming with passion, infused with the same spirit that burns in the year-round sunny Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Crafted in small batches using the finest corn and distilled six times in our custom-designed pot still, our process results in a premium vodka with impeccable smoothness, a silky palate, and an intriguing warmth. BRAVADA is bold and uncompromising, just like its homeland. Its label clearly transmits the spirit of our beautiful island.

Meet the Founders

Carlos “Carlitos” López
Claudia Ferrer Tañón

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carlos López has worked in distilleries since he can remember. His father and grandfather both dedicated their lives to the distilled spirits industry, and in turn instilled a strong work ethic in “Carlitos” from an early age, who would go on to spend years traveling around the world designing and building alcohol distilleries with his family-owned business.

After 15 years working with his family’s business in Puerto Rico, and building distilleries for renowned companies, hardworking Carlos wanted a change in his life. He knew it was time to channel his passion for his work and the industry he grew up in into pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams. With fewer distractions during the pandemic lockdown orders, he found the space and time to start on his new project.

Together with his wife, Claudia Ferrer, also born and raised in Puerto Rico, they went to work. After many hours of dedication, perseverance, hard work and a big leap of Faith, BRAVADA VODKA was born.

BRAVE, BOLD, DARING, FEARLESS – just like its founders.

With love & faith,
 The López Ferrer Family: Carlos, Claudia, Victoria, and Polo